The Root of Japanese Beauty

The Power of Fermented Rice for Natural and Durable Skin Care

The Power of Rice

Bizen, in the tradition of Japanese beauty, combines the treasures of nature with technology. Rice fermentation releases precious ingredients good for your skin such as amino acids and ceramides with moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Rice grains
Rice grains

Green Beauty

There are no harmful ingredients in Bizen products. All ingredients are derived from nature. Our active ingredient, the rice ferment lees, is certified organic.

a Responsible Brand

Good for the planet: Bizen revives fallow rice fields, and is part of a circular economy where waste is transformed into value-added ingredients. Bizen is also a social enterprise providing opportunities for individuals who have disabilities who make and package our soaps in Japan.

Rice grains

The First Step of a Refined Ritual

Our signature product

For face and body. A rich lather and a comforting aroma for a tenfold hydration.

Made in Japan

100% natural

€ 33 TTC


Due to the current political situation in Europe, direct shipments from Japan to customers are currently suspended. The purchase button above will redirect you to the website of our European partner, Bijo;, from where you can make your purchase.


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New Routine for a Moment of Self-care

Alone for a gentle facial cleansing or as a complement to an oil make-up remover, Bizen soap adapts to your beauty rhythm. For men, it is used as a shaving foam and leaves the skin moisturized.

Enjoy the foam on your hand and feel your skin become soft, hydrated and nourished.

Feel a sense of calm and satisfaction knowing that you are taking good care of your skin as well as of the planet.


"The biggest love in the history of soaps"

"A creamy texture and a comforting aroma that transport to the Land of the Rising Sun"

They speak about Bizen

"The biggest love in the history of soaps"

"A creamy texture and a comforting aroma that transport to the Land of the Rising Sun".

Inspirations from Japan

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