Devine cereal

Devine cereal

So deep is Autumn now with the rice fields harvested. It is time to say thank you; to the generous nature, to the propitiating powers. The Emperor of Japan, a spiritual bond, makes an offering of freshly harvested rice to Amaterasu, goddess of the sun and creator of the lineage of men and gods. Gratitude, on behalf of the Japanese people, for the abundant rice harvest. 

In Japan, rice and rituals have been inseparable since the beginning of time because each grain of rice is life. In November niinamesai, the festival of the new cultures, is held - one of the most powerful rituals of the country, if ever there was one. 

The mikado stands, solemn, at the heart of the Isé shrine. It is here that the Deity is lodged, in the far east part of the archipelago where the sun rises first.

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