When the sacred comes to rock our reality

When the sacred comes to rock our reality

There is one thing that particularly touches me about the Japanese - their contemplative soul. Perhaps it is because objects and places are for the Japanese, inhabited by spirituality. Spirits belonging to locations. To find beauty where it exists and to reflect - an emotion opposite to agitation. Contemplation for time to reflect on the world and things. Just like the evening beauty ritual that brings us back to ourselves, and teaches us more about our own existence. 

This new meditation pavilion is the brainchild of architect Hiroshi Nakamura and is located in Tokyo for the well-being of its residents. A 600 year old tree, sacred to the gods, stands before us, huge and protective. It diffuses a soothing breeze in the middle of these hot and humid months. When the sacred comes to rock our reality.

Photography first visual: @hiroshinakamura

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