East meets West at the heart of Milano

East meets West at the heart of Milano

Enter the marvelous world of Stamberga; an invitation to a timeless journey. Part art gallery, part bookstore, part precious stationery store, and part tea house, this elegant haven is full of curiosities and beauty. It is nestled at the heart of Milan, in the Quadrilatero del Silenzio district, a tranquil sanctuary of gardens and artists, a cradle of the senses and the imagination.

Designed by Marco Beretta, a globetrotter, photographer and tea sommelier, Stamberga was conceived as a place where cultures meet in harmony, an emotional bridge between East and West. 

Photographs of Buddhist monks, calligraphy instruments, teas from the Far East, Japanese handcrafted bestiaries, a line of upcycling leather goods, a poetic library - the objects echo each other in a profound harmony. 

Everything quietly speaks to the soul. 

And in this landscape lies an alcove, a showcase dedicated to the art of Japanese beauty, where a fine selection of natural cosmetics is displayed.

Bizen is immensely grateful to have found such a precious new home.


Via G. Rossini 1, Milan


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