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Our Story

I wanted to create a brand that speaks of Japan.

Bizen means "total beauty" in Japanese, referring to the Japanese holistic approach to beauty. It is about inner beauty, spirituality, a deep relationship with nature and the seasons, a different approach to time. It is also about a healthy culinary culture, shaped by an ancestral technology, fermentation.

Living in Japan has taught me about fermentation because it is everywhere on the Japanese table, from soy sauce to sake to natto, a traditional food that is healthy, sticky, and very strong smelling with a taste that needs to be acquired over time...

Fermentation is a preservation technique, a revelation of beneficial ingredients for health, a longevity factor, and a taste enhancer. It even has its own magic fungus koji, a rice ferment that we at Bizen have chosen as our signature ingredient.

I want to talk about all the above topics in order to convey my sense of Japan. I hope you will enjoy the journey.

Florence Miette, founder of Bizen

The Power of Rice

Bizen, in the tradition of Japanese beauty, combines the treasures of nature with technology. Rice fermentation releases precious ingredients good for your skin such as amino acids and ceramides with moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Rice grains
Rice grains

Green Beauty

No harmful ingredients in Bizen products since the ingredients are of natural origin. Active ingredient is certified-organic.

Bizen, a Responsible Brand

Good for the planet: Bizen revives disused or discarded rice fields, and is part of a circular economy where waste is transformed into value-added ingredients. Bizen products are made with disabled people in Japan.

Rice grains


"The biggest love in the history of soaps"

"A creamy texture and a comforting aroma that transport to the Land of the Rising Sun".

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