by a Japan aficionado


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    • ContemplationContemplation
      There is one thing that particularly touches me about the Japanese - their contemplative soul....
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    • FermentationFermentation

      The Japanese microbes that make you live longer...

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    • kintsugikintsugi

      Art japonais, qui célèbre et sublime les marques et les cassures du temps, avec de l'amour et de la poudre d'or. 

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    • SakuraSakura

      Extraordinary cherry tree that blooms in the Japanese spring, meeting point between the ephemeral and the permanent...

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    • Tanbo ArtTanbo Art

      The art of rice paddies. The Japanese celebrate their heritage with frescoes of colorful rice varieties...

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    • Wabi-sabiWabi-sabi

      In praise of imperfections. The idea that the patina of time makes people and things more beautiful...


Inspirations from Japan

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