The Japanese microbes that make you live longer...

At the most basic level, fermentation is the transformation of food by micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold, or yeast. These microbes will break down food molecule chains, making them more digestible and tasty while making the food preserve longer.

An ancestral technology in Japan, where it has shaped a healthy culinary culture, fermentation is everywhere at the Japanese table.  From soy sauce to sake, through natto, a traditional food, virtuous, sticky, with a very strong smell and a taste that is difficult to tame. 

Fermentation is both a preservation technique, a revelation of beneficial ingredients for health, a longevity factor, and a taste enhancer. It even has its own magic fungus, the koji, a rice ferment that we at Bizen have made our signature ingredient.

At Bizen, we've made the residue from rice fermentation our signature active ingredient for the good of your skin because they contain an abundance of amino acids and ceramides released by fermentation. Naturally moisturizing, these ingredients have beneficial antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

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