Furoshiki - the first eco-bag in history. This square of fabric epitomises the practical elegance of the Japanese, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Versatile, it can be used as a shopping bag, a bento box bag, a cosmetics pouch or a bookcase. It wraps our everyday life with grace. For the Japanese, art of living is a celebration of the present.

The intertwining and untangling knots make Furoshiki a medium for social interaction in the highly coded and ritualised Japanese culture of giving. Furoshiki offers a sophisticated solution for carrying gifts. A bottle of wine for a dinner with friends. A formal thank you gift. The choice of colour, design and gesture all reflect the attention given to the recipient.

The furoshiki reminds us of the endless movement of thoughtfulness, wrapped exclusively for you. Of secrets, beautiful appearances. Of journeys, the ideal companion for our nomadic life. We are going to take it back home with us. It will stand in our home as an improvised cushion cover or a scarf. This fabric is a reflection of us. In mediaeval times, it was embroidered with the coat of arms of the clan so that people could recognise the clothes carried when he went to the bath (etymologically, "furo" means bath in Japanese).

The Bizen Furoshiki is handmade in Kyoto using traditional Japanese craftsmanship. You will love the way it folds, the softness of its silky shantung fabric and the many ways it can shape your everyday life.

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