Journey to the heart of Japan traditional landscapes

Journey to the heart of Japan traditional landscapes

We come from these landscapes, the satoyama. They sweep out to both sides, with their load of mountains (yama), virgin forests, streams, hills and plateaux, villages (sato) and rice paddies. A mosaic of diversity, an organic whole that tracks the rhythm of the seasons, like a living being.

We come from the rice fields. The heart of the satoyama, like the church in our villages. Nestled in the valleys. Created by the hands and souls of people. Together with the rivers and the village, they form a solid trinity, prospering under the benevolence of the kami, the protective deities who dwell in the forested mountains.  In spring, the kami descend to watch over the growth of the young rice plants. The kami return in the fall, when the hard work of harvesting is over. 

We come from this ancestral harmony which infuses Bizen skincare with satoyama benefits for your natural and sustainable beauty. 

Photo: Hannah Kirshner

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