Bizen Soap Workshop

Bizen Soap Workshop

The first Japanese cosmetics were created by hand in the kitchen by women, from rice and other natural treasures. The Bizen soap workshop is rooted in this philosophy; a family space where every utensil, every gesture is infused with deep respect for the ingredients.

Bizen soap comes to life in the Kansai region, at the heart of the Nara mountains, cradle of Japanese civilization. The rhythm of nature is palpable at every stage of the manufacturing process, in the blending of textures and pure, active ingredients. The energy of rice, through our ferment, delivers amino acids with moisturizing and antioxidant properties. The softness of natural camellia, green tea, argan and jojoba oils reinforces the effects and the raw truth of the materials.

In the Bizen soap manufacturing workshop, the temperature is carefully monitored and controlled so that the magic amongst the ingredients happen. Time flows with infinite grace to create an exceptional product - nourishing, comforting and protective.

The thick, creamy paste is then ready to be poured into wooden molds, before being cut into clean lines inspired by the natural beauty in Japan.

An authentic experience that respects traditions, from nature to your precious skin.

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