In Praise of The Hand

In Praise of The Hand

Gently place your hands on yourself. Feel your face through your palms, through your fingertips, through the skin of your hands.

You are at the heart of the "hand press," a Japanese ritual in which the hand becomes the ultimate beauty tool. In Japan, where there is a culture of making things, the hand is endowed with precious powers.

Scan the face. Activate the circulation. Revitalize the complexion. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Improve the penetration of active ingredients. No cotton, no irritation, just skin against skin.

Warm the skincare product between the palms of your hands to ease application. Apply it with gentle pressure to your skin in the following areas in order of: cheeks, forehead and chin, eyelids, bridge of the nose, oval of the face and neck. Maintain pressure on each area for ten seconds.

Use fingertips for sensitive zones. Release slowly to avoid skin irritation. The pressure is not forced, but gentle, a caressing dialog between the hand and the epidermis.

Remember: Taking the time to be yourself is your most precious beauty secret.

Photography : Sakura Nakayama

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