A new Japanese Art de Vivre store in Paris

A new Japanese Art de Vivre store in Paris

Awaken to the Japanese soul and walk through the doors of “Biën;” the new space in Paris for Japanese art of living and travel, and to the heart of the authentic. The subtle colors of the interior, from natural to dark wood,the patina of time. To suggest without imposing, to enlighten without dazzling. A simple but profound sophistication, enhanced by typical Japanese humbleness. 

A peaceful sanctuary, Biën; was envisioned by Keiko Suyama and Sadaharu Hoshino as a space for the exploration of beauty. A place for artists and brands to meet and express themselves. Japanese craftsmanship at its best - the cutting edge selection of wellness and beauty products, the generous counter top made of Hinoki wood especially crafted in Japan; the art mezzanine, and  above all, the Omotenashi, the spirit of service, the Japanese hospitality, which you have to experience to understand its essence. The gentle but expert advice, the initiation to beauty rituals. The tea served to visitors. The exquisite feeling that you are being cared for not perfunctorily but from the heart. 

Bizen is ecstatic to have found such a precious home. 

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