Bath ritual

Bath ritual

The bath in Japan is conceived as a sanctuary of the soul. It invites us to dive into the steamy waters of meditation and opens a space for feelings and emotions.


To replenish one's being, to recharge one's body, before setting out again on the adventure of life. 


Purification is at the center of ancient Japanese thought. And bathing is part of this philosophy. To feel clean, to take care of oneself. Like the soap lather that carries away matter and impurities or the oil that detoxifies in depth - beauty rituals well anchored in Japan.


Do not take a Japanese bath just to wash yourself. The Japanese wash outside the bath. This frees them from any obligation to do anything once they are inside. Separate the functional from the pleasurable. Disconnect from technology. Feel the hustle and bustle of the day slip away and dissipate in the steam. Let the hot water massage your belly.  Lounging, dozing, humming, reliving. Listen to the evening rain.

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